Why Winter Is The Perfect Time For Laser Hair Removal

May 10, 2017

Why Winter Is The Perfect Time For Laser Hair RemovalThe cold has well and truly taken hold in Melbourne and we’re excited because Winter is the perfect time to become hair-free! I hear you ask, “Why would the season have anything to do with timing for laser hair removal?” The answer is that sun exposure has a significant impact on laser treatments and although we think Summer is the best time to be hair-free because we want to flaunt smooth, golden skin, getting hair-free before Summer will make your treatment schedule much simpler. 

You can certainly get hair-free in the Summer months but you need to be much more careful to avoid complications. Why does sun exposure have an impact on laser hair removal? In this article we explain the potential complications caused by sun exposure and why Winter is the perfect time for treatment. 


Sun Exposure and Laser Treatment

Tanning by any means (from the sun, solarium or fake tan) before or after having laser hair removal can lead to complications such as burns, scarring or changes in pigmentation. Any kind of laser treatment makes your skin more susceptible to sunburn and tanning can cause hyper-pigmentation. During Summer we love to bare more skin and therefore timing of hair removal can be problematic. This is why now is the perfect time!

Snow has started to fall in parts of Victoria so there’s no temptation of sunbathing for at least 4 months, simplifying  the removal of unwanted hair by laser.

Winter is the ideal time for hair removal treatment for the following reasons:

  • Reduced risk of sun exposure (except if you are travelling outside of Melbourne to a sunnier climate)
  • Avoiding swimming in a pool 24-48 hours after treatment is easier in Winter
  • Not getting the treatment area too hot is less of a problem in Winter
  • Planning your treatment schedule is much easier in Winter than in Summer when avoiding sun exposure

Gentle Laser Hair Removal

With Gentle technology, laser hair removal is now virtually pain-free. Forget painful and risky IPL, the hassle of shaving or the pain and mess of waxing! Long-term hair removal using Gentle technology works by destroying the hair follicles at the root. The speed of the laser, combined with an innovative cooling device makes the treatment fast (only 5 minutes for underarms for example) and the most comfortable.

Three key benefits of Gentle hair removal versus alternatives:

  • you will need fewer treatments
  • treatments are fast and virtually pain-free
  • we can treat most skin tones and hair types

Gentle technology has been tested in numerous clinical studies to prove its safety and effectiveness. Typically, 8-10 sessions are required for optimum hair removal.


Next Steps

Take advantage of the cooler months and become hair-free and ready for a sensational summer with beautiful, smooth skin. Hair removal treatments for both men and women are at an all time high and at Feel Good Laser & Skin Clinic in Richmond we have the leading laser hair removal technology and offer a free consultation where we can assess your skin and hair type, and answer any questions you have. You can click on the buttons below to ask a question or book a free consultation. Alternatively, you can call our experienced and friendly team on 1300 896 834.

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