Why Are Acne Scars So Difficult To Remove?

May 24, 2017

Why Are Acne Scars So Difficult To Remove?You may have been told that once you have a scar, you can never completely get rid of it. That may be true for very deeps scars, for example surgical scars, however many superficial scars can be successfully removed with the right treatment. Acne scars are known to be difficult to get rid of as some types can be very deep in the skin where topical and resurfacing treatments can only “skim the surface” of the scar. It’s typically the depth of the scar that makes them more difficult to remove.

Knowing what type of acne scarring you have before you start any kind of removal solution will help you choose the right treatment option as you will know if they are deep or shallow scars. In this article we explain the different types of acne scars and what we believe are the leading acne scar treatment options available.


What Type of Scars Do I Have?

Acne scars are classified into two categories – indented (atrophic) scars and raised (hypertrophic or keloid) scars. Indented scars are then classified into 3 sub-categories:

  • Icepick scars – deep v-shape holes
  • Boxcar scars – similar to icepick but generally wider and the same width top to bottom
  • Rolling scars – give the skin a rippled look with wide shallow scars

We recommend you see a skin expert to have your type of scars correctly classified. Once you know what type of scars you have, you will be able to discuss with your clinician what treatment options are available and a treatment plan that is best suited to your skin needs.


Leading Treatment Options

Through your research, you have probably heard about laser re-surfacing or Fraxel for scarring caused by acne. The problem with Fraxel is that it is very aggressive and leaves your skin damaged for days or weeks, meaning a long downtime. Laser treatment cannot get to all of the scar due to laser only being able to travel in a straight line.

The solutions that we recommend are based on a combination of radiofrequency treatment, medical peels, deep microdermabrasion and cosmeceutical-grade skincare, depending on your type of scarring.

By using a combination of the best technology along with Medik8 cosmeceutical-grade skincare, we are able to treat the scars and also stimulate your skin to build new collagen and elastin, making your skin stronger and smoother.


Next Steps

At Feel Good Laser & Skin we provide a complimentary consultation with a skin expert who can determine the grade and type of your acne scars and tailor a treatment plan to suit your needs. You can click on the buttons below to ask a question or book a free consultation online now. Alternatively, you can call our experienced and friendly team on 1300 896 834.

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