The Difference Between IPL and True Laser Hair Removal

July 21, 2017

IPL is commonly referred to as IPL laser treatment, so it's easy to incorrectly assume IPL is a true laser. Many people that we consult admit to having IPL in the past and vividly remember how painful it was. Syneron Candela have developed the Gentle series of medical grade lasers so patients can enjoy virtually...

Top 3 Tips For Waist Taming After Pregnancy

July 07, 2017

Following pregnancy, there’s a lot your body needs to go through and it’s important not to push your body too fast postpartum. “Waist training” and “waist taming” are social buzz words following celebrity pregnancies and you may be wondering what they are talking about. Essentially, waist training or taming in this...

Top Anti-Ageing Solution – Pigmentation Removal Melbourne

June 23, 2017

Do you ever look back at old photos and wish you still had that that lovely, youthful skin? For many of us, our care-free days with beautiful, radiant skin have been replaced with fine lines, uneven tone and daily anti-ageing routines. Wrinkles are just one giveaway for our age, but perhaps even more so is pigmentation. 

Do Home Remedies For Cellulite Work?

June 08, 2017

Natural and toxin-free therapies and treatments have never before been so in demand. Turning back the clock on ageing and treating unwanted fat and cellulite naturally is important, but what’s the use if the treatment doesn’t work? 

We review the Top 10 home remedies for cellulite and discuss the non-surgical treatment...

Why Are Acne Scars So Difficult To Remove?

May 24, 2017

You may have been told that once you have a scar, you can never completely get rid of it. That may be true for very deeps scars, for example surgical scars, however many superficial scars can be successfully removed with the right treatment. Acne scars are known to be difficult to get rid of as some types can be very...

Why Winter Is The Perfect Time For Laser Hair Removal

May 10, 2017

The cold has well and truly taken hold in Melbourne and we’re excited because Winter is the perfect time to become hair-free! I hear you ask, “Why would the season have anything to do with timing for laser hair removal?” The answer is that sun exposure has a significant impact on laser treatments and although we think...

3 Steps to Reduce Cellulite

May 03, 2017

Do you feel self-conscious wearing a bathing suit or shorts? Are you always trying to cover up your dimpled skin? Cellulite can be stubborn and unsightly.

Undo the Easter Excess with Non Surgical Liposuction

April 20, 2017

There’s lots to love about Easter – an extra long weekend, getting together with friends and family, excitement of the Easter Bunny, but there’s one thing that many of us find so hard to avoid – the temptation of the chocolate. With so many delicious kinds to try and the fact that it’s everywhere you turn – in the...

Sublative Acne Scar Treatment Frequently Asked Questions

April 08, 2017

Scarring form acne can occur on the face, neck, shoulders and back – most of which are highly visible at all times so it’s no wonder that acne scarring can have such an impact on a person’s confidence and self esteem. With vastly improved medical device technology in the cosmetic and aesthetic industry over the last...

Post Pregnancy Cellulite Treatment and Skin Tightening

April 01, 2017

A bouncing bundle of joy is one of life’s greatest gifts but cellulite and sagging skin is not! Most women we speak to can identify a time in their life that lead to weight gain, be it emotional or hormonal – a time of stress, puberty or pregnancy for example. During these times, we can sometimes re-program our body...