Non Surgical Liposuction Better Than Lunchtime Workouts

July 25, 2016

Non Surgical Liposuction Better Than Lunchtime WorkoutsThey say Summer bodies are made in the Winter. Have you been slaving away at the gym but can’t shed that stubborn fat? Feel Good Laser & Skin Clinic, Richmond, have invested in the latest non surgical liposuction technology that beats sweating it out in the gym day in and day out – the UltraShape Power. UltraShape is the ultimate non surgical liposuction treatment in Melbourne due to the fact that it actually destroys fat cells, whereas exercise only shrinks fat cells.

In this article we explain the UltraShape Power technology and how you can achieve a slimmer, more contoured figure comfortably, in your lunch break.


UltraShape Power – Best New Technology for Non Surgical Liposuction

As_seen_inmagazine.pngUltraShape Power is 20% more powerful than its predecessors. It works by emitting pulsed ultrasound energy that precisely targets only subcutaneous fat at a controlled depth, meaning treatments are painless, surrounding tissue, nerves and blood vessels are unharmed.

UltraShape Power for effective non-invasive body shaping and contouring has been clinically proven in more than 350,000 treatments worldwide. It destroys fat cells which are then safely cleared by the body’s metabolic processes.  

Unlike other alternatives which can leave your skin with a frozen look, treatment with UltraShape Power means you can go straight back to work or your normal routine without the worry of visible signs of treatment.  A session takes just over an hour, so you can have it done in your lunch break.


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Benefits Of UltraShape Power 

  • Body contouring
  • Fat cell destruction
  • Visible and fast results
  • Comfortable and painless
  • Non Surgical – no anaesthetic, no incisions, no downtime
  • Suitable for most body shapes

UltraShape Power typically produces initial results just 2 weeks after the first treatment with measurable fat layer and circumference reduction results after 3 treatment sessions so you can quickly start to look and feel good!

If you’re tired of going to the gym with little effect, then we can help. The expert team at Feel Good Laser & Skin Clinic have the latest technology for non surgical liposuction, cellulite reduction and a range of other body and skin treatments.



Next Steps

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