How Can I Remove Acne Scars Naturally?

August 30, 2016

How Can I Remove Acne Scars Naturally?If you’ve researched ways to remove acne scars naturally, you’ve probably read the wives tales about lemon juice, baking soda, apple cider vinegar, honey and various other over the counter creams that will never work. The truth is that true acne scarring cannot be reversed entirely, however, it can be dramatically improved. Breakthrough technology now allows for safe and effective acne scar treatment using bi-polar radiofrequency energy.

In this article we explain the latest radio frequency technology being used for the improvement of acne scarring and how it helps your body to repair your skin naturally. We also discuss the different types of acne scars and how to get an informed diagnosis.


SublativeTM Technology Treating Acne Scars

To help our skin to heal itself naturally, we need more collagen and elastin, which are essentially the support structures of our skin. Sublative™ fractionated bi-polar radio frequency technology sends energy into the dermis (the second layer of skin) where it triggers our body to produce an increase in both collagen and elastin with minimal disruption to the epidermis (the top layer of skin). Your skin basically heals itself from the inside out. A key benefit of Sublative™ treatment is that there is minimal impact to the outer skin, which means much less downtime compared to other treatment options.

Treatment should be done once per month for 3 to 5 months for best results. Maintenance treatments may be required every 6 months to assist your body to continue to heal itself naturally from within.


Types of Acne Scars

Acne scars are classified into two categories – indented (atrophic) scars and raised (hypertrophic or keloid) scars. Indented scars are then classified into 3 sub-categories:

  • Icepick scars – deep ‘v-shape’ holes in the surface of the skin
  • Rolling scars – give the skin a rippled look with wide shallow scars
  • Boxcar scars – similar to icepick but generally wider and the same width top to bottom

The best way to have your type of scars correctly diagnosed is by a skin expert. We provide all our clients with a complimentary consultation with one of our highly skilled skin therapists who can determine the grade and type of acne scaring whilst tailoring a treatment plan to suit your needs.


Next Steps

At Feel Good Laser & Skin Clinic Richmond, we specialise in treating acne scarring using only the latest technology and cosmeceutical-grade skincare (Medik8). We offer a range of treatments to suit your type of acne scarring, including Sublative™ bi-polar radio frequency energy, medical peels and deep microdermabrasion to work on strengthening and rebuilding the skin’s proteins whilst improving the overall appearance of the skin.

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